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Michael's XJ650 - Calgery, Alberta, Canada
Wade's Maxim XJ 700
a customized Maxim


Steve's XJ 550

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motorcycle mechanics
September 1980
cycle guide
brochure from Canada
sales brochure
Yamaha brochure Maxim 400 1982

Nils from Norway
Adrian from Australia

I am working on the German website www.xj650.de already since 2001. Because the XJ series for the European market and the US market are very similar, but also have got a lot of difference, I startet in summer 2002 the English version of the XJ 650 fansite, the website xj650.com. If somebody is interested to see his own XJ in the gallery of this webside, he would do me a big favour with sending a picture of his XJ or Maxim. The red Maxim was sold from Wade already years ago. I also added the red XJ to the galery. This beautiful and costomized Yamaha belongs to Steve.

I have received in January 2011 some more new pictures from John in the US and Ardy in Indonesia. So you see this website is quite international and I have used the opportunity to update the page a little bit and also remove some outdated links as well. John's Maxim looks like an american chopper cafe racer. On the website www.thekneeslider.com is a much more detailed artcile about the great job John did. Ardy send me an email asking for a way to repair the turbo.

I am working on my German Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo project bike since a couple of years and I am interested in getting in contact and share information about this great bike. So if you also own the XJ 650 Turbo, I am looking to get in contact with other drivers from all over the world to share information. Because I did not found so many information about the XJ 650 Turbo on the web, I am grateful for any information.

I am also looking for the information how many of the XJ 650 Yamaha has been sold world wide, I did not found any information during my research. I do have only the number for Germany, the where sold round about 250 units, but there are only still round about 120 units on the road.

I am running a discussion-board, which is most in German but there is also an area for the English web community, so feel free to use it for all the questions you have. If you don't find the information you are looking for, please leave a message there.

I also added a drawing how to find the starter switch assy. I also bought at eBay a long time ago a three page add from the states, which shoes the XJ650 Maxim. Today I uploaded also the article about the XJ650 out of the Cycle Guide from November 1980. If you want to read the full article, which is 7 pages PDF-formated file, you only need to click the picture with the cover of the Cycle magazine at the top of this website or you follow the link before. If somebody has got more articles and also a scanner, he can send me the scans and I put them on the webside. I started my work on this part with a add from Yamaha from 1982 which explains the technical details of the XJ650 and especially the YICS - Yamaha Induction Control System. Per from Norway send me this scan and have have to thank him again for his work. I also scaned to Yamaha brochure from '82 I bought at eBay from Canada, received this with airmail, scanned the whole broschure and uploaded the contact sheet.

If you are interested in the parts catalogue, there is one about the XJ650 Seca online avialable, if you are interested in other XJ or Maxim catalogues, please send me an e-mail. You can also have this parts catalogue and a lot of others in a better resolution on cdrom, just ask.

I have also a few articles about other Yamahas from German motorcycle magazines online, if you are interested just follow the Link. The first two uploads are about the XZ550 from '82 and the Yamaha RD 350 YPVS from '83.

Links to other motorcycle websites:

Riders of Vision - Jeff's new Yamaha XZ550's website - with updated URL
www.cycletrader.com - This website will be helpful, if you are looking for a used motorcycle
www.xj650.de - my German website about the XJ 650

During the early 80's Yamaha was not the only company, which built Turbo Motorcycles, also Suzuki, Kawaska and Honda were dealing with Turbo Motorcycles, the Turbo Motorcycle form Suzuki was the XN85, for more information take a look at the great website www.XN85turbo.com

Dave from Colorado sends me the following links to Turbo related information at the web:

This website belongs to the American Turbo Motorcycle International Owners Association. This website is a great source of information for all turbo motorcycles.

Vince's Seca Turbo website, contains a lot of useful information about the XJ 650 Turbo Seca and how he solved problems he was facing during the restauration for his Turbo and how ha had improved things.


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